Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lying Is Good... If Done In The Name of Gawd

First of all,
sorry for my long absence.

kiss my delightfully unwiped hairy ass.
You're welcome to floss.

Denmark may be heading for a rerun of the
"Muhammed-cartoon" scandal.
Turns out that members of *Dansk Folkepartis Ungdom*,
(The Danish Peoples Party's Youth... and, yeah, it's about as fascist as the name itself implies)
got drunk at a political camp outing and had a contest to see
who could be most offensive to Islam.
The result, however, was videotaped and leaked
and caused all sorts of blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, blaaghhh and blehh...
Who cares?
Appearently Iran is going to boycott Danish cheese.
That made me laugh.
In fact, all of this made me laugh. Through my fucking tears.
But not even -I- care about what makes me cry anymore, so...

Here's the real deal:
I have no faith in democracy anymore.
Not that I've decided to become a shill
for totalitarianism, like Coulter,
or Theocracy, like Dobson...
I'm advocating that we all just die right now.
It's where we're heading anyway.
So why prolong it?